Our Story

Surf Style is a story of enduring friendship. From five separate paths that converged over twenty years ago, grew a new brand rooted in family, loyalty, legacy and good waves. 

Surf Style truly began in the trunk of a car, selling the now famous windbreakers in the parking lot of a flea market in South Florida. A wholesale business to start, retailers became enamored with the shiny fabric, neon colors, and Surf Style’s “Interplanetary Body Gear” logo. 

Fast forward 20 years and Surf Style now runs the beach. With the Corporate Office located in South Florida, and stores spanning, Tampa Bay, the Florida panhandle, Alabama and Mississippi, Surf Style is the leading beachwear and souvenir shopping destination. 

In 2011, Surf Style opened its first megastore in Clearwater Beach. Located just off beach walk, this sprawling, two-story retail location boasts a 350-space beach parking garage, premier skate shop, 44 foot specially commission Guy Harvey mural, candy and fudge filled convenience shop and the only FlowRider indoor surfing machine for 150 miles. 

The FlowRider indoor surfing experience is the perfect attraction for thrill seekers of all ages. A jet propelled sheet of water allows everyone from beginners to pros to experience the rush of surfing without the danger. 

From apparel to swimwear, accessories to footwear, and jewelry to souvenirs, customers are sure to find everything they need for the ultimate beach vacation at Surf Style. Now with the launch of our ecommerce store, tourists and locals alike can experience shopping at Surf Style like never before. 

After all of this time, the friendship and passion continues as Surf Style prepares to ride its next wave of success!